Want to grow California native plants? Here’s how…

Following are the beginning four segments of a much larger body of information which will be developed for your pleasure as time goes on.

This information appeared first as 59 newsletters published over a period of ten years, and has been brought up to date and expanded in 2003 and 2004. If you didn’t get a subscription then, you can get the information now. And if you missed some of the issues, or want to have this information together in a new way, here it is!

The next segments will be:

  • California’s favorite plants: Oaks, Ceanothus and Manzanita;
  • Trees, annuals and bulbs, including Ed Peterson’s seed collecting, and the Robinette thinking about seeds for bulbs. The best thing for beginners who already have a native tree, or want to plant one
    History and Prehistory of California, and Visionary ideas about tomorrow.
  • Birds and butterflies and more — how to bring songbirds, berries for birds, hummingbirds, butterflies….

Watch for them in the next few months. Tell your native plant growing friends: If this website is successful, I will be back on the road again, finding more native plant people, and bringing you inside information on ingenious California gardens.

If you are interested in growing native, you have come to the right place.